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North American culture is full of buzz words.  It allows us to communicate quickly and without needing to spend a lot of time on defining a topic.  Instead we can throw out a buzz word and then get to the exciting part, your opinion on the topic.

One of those words is balance.  We like to imply to each other that so long as you ‘have balance’ you can do what ever.  Or we like to say that we can fit that into our balance of daily living.

What a farce!  There is no balance.  Like a pendulum you are constantly in flux.  Swinging from one activity to another.  So we’ve come up with another buzz phrase ‘being in the moment.’  Also a somewhat ridiculous topic.

These buzz phrases and words become particularly obvious when you go through a life crises.  Especially since that is a buzz phrase itself.  Best described as times when you feel like is completely out of your control.  More ironic is that we expect to be able to control our lives.

This past year, well its been nearly a year, I have had my life change in such extreme ways that I wasn’t sure exactly how I would find balance or exert some form of control!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t control my life.  My goal is to moderate myself and my reactions.  As a Christian I feel that I am just going to let go of the control.  Its what I am supposed to do as a believer but it is so counter cultural.  Daily I do focus on trying to let go and trust.  That is, in my opinion 😉 one of the few ways that we can find balance.  Because He is the only one that can know all of the factors and future and lead me to balance!



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