Jumped Off

Truthfully I’m fairly jaded and inwardly sarcastic.  I also realize that the tone of my inner commentary is currently at a negative valley and that more time will likely bring me closer to my more familiar positive inner babble.

Yet, I’m fairly fed up with this fascination for the “Crunchy Granola” lifestyle.  Too often it is now used as a marketing ploy!  Too often guilt is used to pressure people into unsustainable lifestyle choices.  Then there is the inevitable guilt (and for some depression) that occurs when one fails to live up to the overwhelming work that lifestyle generates.

As a former convert, it is my conclusion that the basic principle of ‘common sense’ is sadly neglected by many CG adherents.

There is also the lure of the ‘good old days’ which is used to gloss over any initial feelings of repulsion over the latest greatest ‘thing.’  I think in particular of the current fad of using family cloth instead of toilet paper.

There is also a strong proponent of paranoia.  Clearly things found in the regular stores are there because ‘the man’ wants to make a fast dollar at the cost of our health and well-being.  Or of how often a company started on green and healthy principles is suspect the minute it crosses a certain size in its distribution or if it signs a contract with a ‘big box’ store.

Still many positive changes in our North American culture find their roots in this movement.  I also consider the changes in my attitude towards marketing and consumption beneficial.  I have become more deliberate and aware of the impact of my choices.

Still I’ve jumped off the proverbial bandwagon.  I just can’t sustain that lifestyle… it’s too busy and chaotic to keep up!


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  1. Good for you! Sometimes watching the wagon is smarter than being on it. Take bamboo. Yes, it’s a renewable resource, but you can damage the soil just as fast as with other crops, especially when everyone on the wagon wants to buy it. Many bamboo fibres are made by chemically digesting the fibre and making rayon, but the labels don’t tell you. I don’t know how that process compares to starting from oil. Remember when cotton was the greatest natural thing — before they realized pesticides made it grow faster. Most wool — nice, natural wool — is sprayed with all sorts of sickening stuff while growing. (That’s getting better, since the workers realized their seasonal “flu” was pesticide-related.)

    Then there’s “green paint”. I once saw green toilet pucks, right beside blue ones. The only difference was the colour. A good daily swish and an occasional squirt of dish soap is just as good if there aren’t immune problems, and doesn’t create super-bugs. It’s actually better, since it breaks up the bacteriological film, which most germicides struggle with.

    The first wagon paves the way. It researches (somewhat) and creates awareness. It’s uncomfortable. The second is easier to ride, but also attracts the big companies who prey on those who only read the headlines. The third wagon waits until the rush is over and a bit more of the story has come out. It’s not perfect — there’s even more money for the big companies to chase — but it’s not a bad place, either.

    Sometimes it’s good to take a turn on the other wagons, but it’s not good when they get too large.

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