Herman the Worm Goes to the Zoo

This is the story about the time that Herman the Worm went to the zoo.

Herman was really excited to go to the zoo. He was looking forward to seeing all of the animals. He wanted to chat with the monkeys, take a dip with the fish, and swing from the elephant’s trunk.

He hoped to yell with the Gorilla’s and spit with the Llamas. I’d rather not talk about that part!

It did take a while to get to the zoo, and Herman did kind of want to eat the yummy dirt snack that his mom had made but she wouldn’t let him.

When they got there they slathered on the sun-screen and put on their hats.

Herman and his younger sister quickly went to look at the first animal which happened to be the Llama. Only the Llama didn’t look too happy.

So they went to the next animal, which happened to be the fish. But they were not really swimming around. They just kind of floated.

The tiger, well he was curled up in a small ball. The kangaroo seemed to have lost his bounce and the bear just sat there and stared.

Herman wondered what was going on. His trip to the zoo was turning out to be pretty rotten.

Just then his little sister said… where are all the baby animals?

Hmm, this was a case for Herman the Worm Detective!

As Herman the worm looked around, he saw some marks on the ground.

He noticed a tiny hoof print over there, and the trees up there were missing some leaves.

To his ears he heard a soft sound, “Music!” He said.

So Herman and his sister followed the paw tracks and the sound got louder, and louder, and louder.

It sounded a lot like circus music! As they wandered down the great big hill side, they saw the baby giraffe’s head poking out of the circus tent all covered in Leaf Cotton Candy.

There was the clown being chased by a baby Cheetah who wanted to ride in the clown car. And boy was that clown screaming!

So Herman the worm and his sister blew on their whistles real loud!

The baby animals came running!

Herman explained how sad the Mom and Dad animals were because they didn’t know where their children had gone.

While the baby animals didn’t want to go, they agreed it would be lots of fun to have a parade back to the zoo. And so Herman the worm and his sister lead a great parade of animals up that hill and returned all of the babies to their Moms and Dads.

That night Herman the worm lay in his bed of dirt all happy and thought,

“Worm, that was the best trip to the zoo, EVER!”

Note: Herman the worm stories are something that I frequently tell my children. They are spontaneous stories but some of them have been requested again and again. I start by asking them what is happening to Herman today and usually weave something that has been happening to us into the story. Believe it or not but this story was first told to my kids and my niece and nephews while we were at the photo studio trying to get a family picture. The kids wouldn’t settle and so Herman the Worm Goes to the Zoo came into story.

This is probably the most popular Herman story, although Herman Wrecks the Birthday Party is pretty WORM! too.


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