Change the Batteries

It appears that my policy of the last two years regarding our digital camera has backfired.  I’m hoping to be wrong but I think our digital camera is broken.


Still, my computer hard drive is filled with funny pictures taken by my kids.  Silly little videos made by them while they play with the playmobile and lego.  So I am far from complaining!


It got me thinking.  I think I’m at that stage.  I need to ‘change my batteries.’


Often it seems like I live from crises to crises.  Currently an Aunt of mine who lives close to me but is close to me as well has been diagnosed with progressive MS.  It’s a very quick-moving disease and she’s basically given up.

Then there is the change we went through in September.  I’m supposed to be sending in the form with our intentions for next year and I have it sitting on the coffee table and I really don’t want to send it in at all.


Teasingly I asked the daughter if she really wanted to go to school next year.  She came out so strongly in favour of school that it hurt.  I shouldn’t have set myself up for that one!


I’m really grateful that today is a quiet day.  The first Wednesday in a long time that I’m getting a chance to just be.  I’m going to turn on the audiobook shortly and just knit and listen.


Try and change those batteries my friend!



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