Cycling the MS Bike Tour, Grand Bend to London and back!

This year my family is again going to ride the Grand Bend to London and back to Grand Bend MS Bike Tour.  The point is to raise funds for the MS Society to fund research into this disease.

My son and I posing after the first day's ride. Sunburned but happy!

My son and I rode the Tour in 2008.  He was 8 years old and cycled every inch on his own two wheels and they were 24 inch wheels.


My beloved Grandmother (Oma) had passed away and he needed something he could pour his grief into and this tour seemed the best way to direct this energy.  My mother’s cousin had MS so we knew something about the disease.


I had promised my daughter that she could ride the tour one year as well.

A few short months ago my Aunt learned that she has Progressive MS.  Its been hard because we knew something was happening.  To put a name to the something doesn’t make it easier though.

This year my daughter decided is the year we’re going to ride.  My son and daughter have convinced my husband, brother and his wife to ride with us.

I registered us under the team name of my children’s choice.  Being that we’re of Dutch heritage… the name kind of makes sense.  We’re the BFG’s (Biking Friendly Giants).

If you have funds you’d like to put toward this cause, you may donate to directly to the MS Society via our webpages.  These have just been set up and sadly my brother’s last name has been misspelled at this point.  I’ll get that fixed!

My son’s page

My daughter’s page

My husband’s page

My brother’s page

My sister-in-law’s page

My page

Interesting enough, if you’re a cyclist you might be interested to learn that Sheldon Brown had MS. He wrote some very inspirational words here. Thanks to Lovely Bicycle for posting about that. I tried to get my Aunt to read his words but she’s still processing and not willing to look at it yet.

My reaction after my son leaned over and licked my face


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