Getting Ready for Warmer Days

Today the family and the dogs got in the van and headed off for a nice sunny Saturday drive to a bike shop we love to love on-line. Its just too far for us to really consider our shop but if we lived in TO, I know we’d be hanging around this shop lots!

We were heading out for two reasons, first because my husband desperately wanted this picture:

Plus Curbside Cycle was having a sale, the Bike Love Sale :).


Because second, we had been hoping for the Basil Basket for the puppies and wanted to take advantage of the sale prices. Unsure of how much we’d save we made a list of some of the other items we have been desiring for quite some time and I had a rough figure of how much we could afford.

We ended up scoring some great items. My daughter was thrilled to get a child’s Basil Pannier set in blue to match her Blue Betty, and my son was mollified with a Dringdring bell when I wouldn’t allow him to ask for the dried Piranha fish.

Josh ended up with a set of Brooks ring handle grips, and I got a Po Campo. I’d been wanting one for ages but felt the cost slightly prohibitive. I’d saved up funds for one, so was hoping for a bit of a deal. I was thrilled with what I was offered and while drawn to the Green Damask rack bag ended up getting the beige version because it would suit the aesthetic of my Batavus.

Summer ride

All in all, we’re all looking forward to warmer days and cycling everywhere, all the time, everyday. Except Bitsy. We still have to convince Bits she’ll like bicycling.


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