Deceptive Sunshine, Powerful Wind

Today the sun was shining so brightly and we just wanted to cycle.  But we couldn’t.  The kids had a day off school and I had a funeral at the church.  Because of a Valentine’s Dinner the night before I couldn’t set up and had to go in to get everything in place before 10:30 a.m. when the last visitation would be occurring just prior to the funeral.

It was also my sister-in-law’s birthday.  So on the way home from church, while picking up milk from my husband’s work and running it home, I text-ed her and said we’d like to come by and drop off a hug and the cot that we borrowed from the farm.  I did this while filling up the van with gas and was dressed in short sleeve top with tank underneath.  It was glorious but the wind was strong.

We ended up running over to the farm.  We brought the puppies and they had such glorious fun being allowed to run and run and run without having to be held on a leash and tug us along.

By the time we got home again it was 4 p.m.  We decided to grab the bikes, head to the bike shop to pick up a cable I had ordered that would connect into my bike’s frame/O/Dutch lock.  I also did end up buying myself a D lock to provide an extra measure of security.  From there we headed back to the church.

I wanted to get the tables and chairs put away so that I/we can concentrate on cleaning tomorrow.  So we did.

But while the sun was delicious and wonderful and made us all talk like winter was gone, the wind was dangerous, dastardly and nearly deadly as my daughter nearly was blown into traffic several times.  Oh, and spring fever must be to blame for the lovely treatment we got from drivers.

Sun warm, Wind strong, Drivers selfish.  What else is new?

The sun, ah the glorious sun

Son rides a KHS Green Bike and Daughter rides a vintage blue Raleigh that we had a 3 speed drum brake hub installed in the back and drum brakes in the front too. This improved the braking for her considerably. She finds the weight of this bike very comforting. Her ‘basket’ is a milk crate that I bought when I was 15 and travelled with me now for nearly 20 years 🙂


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